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    ‘We raise the geniuses together!’ is focused on the gifted children, including orphans and children from low-income families aged from 14 till 22 years old.

    The main goal of the Project is identification, support and advance of the gifted children of Ukraine, help in self-realization of their creative orientation, professional self-determination according to abilities. The efforts of the Fund are directed at the individual help directly to the gifted children, in particular, for financing of their education.

    The task of the Project is to give to the gifted youth the opportunity to get qualitative higher education for successful professional self-realization in Ukraine.

    The actuality of the Project is dictated by the lack of the system of identification and support of highly gifted children in the country. Due to objective reasons, the State is not able to give to such young people the system help in effective professional self-realization. The address help of patrons to each selected child with unique abilities and uncommon potential of self-realization will define not only their life, but also the condition of society and the State in the nearest future. We need geniuses, we need new elite of Ukraine!

    Номер телефона: (097) 837-43-54