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    Intellectual giftedness is the existence of potentially high abilities. Along with the power of apprehension, the factors of intellectual giftedness also include: art-and-creative, technical-and-practical or social-and-emotional abilities. The endowments provide not the success in any activity, but just the possibility of achievement of this success.


    The genius is the highest level of endowments of an individual, embodied in creativity that has the historic significance for the life of society. Figuratively speaking, the genius creates a new era in the field of his/her knowledge.


    Identification of the gifted children. The effective identification of endowments includes various procedures of intellectual, creative and psychological testing. The special field is composed of experimental-and-psychological researches of the gifted ones, which are carried out for the purpose of obtaining of the new theoretical and empirical data as for nature of children’s endowments. These researches can use the most various psychological methods directed at the identification of the structure of different types of endowments, as well as the regularities of relationship of the gifted child with the surrounding social environment. The progress is impossible without such researches in practical activities connected with identification, training and development of the gifted children.


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